The Vitality Experience

As one of the largest aqua massage retailers in the US, Vitality has become a recognized leader in the industry with enormous potential for growth and expansion in diverse consumer markets. We are your perfect solution for an innovative, affordable, and convenient relaxation experience.


Aqua massage is a quick, convenient way to get a full-body massage. An aqua massage machine looks similar to a tanning bed. All you need to do to prepare for the aqua massage is remove your shoes then enter laying face down fully clothed!. You will put on headphones to decrease noise and increase mental relaxation. The cover of the machine will come down over you. Then a bar with 36 water jets travels from your toes to your neck and back again and again for the duration of your massage. You will not get wet in an aqua massage machine; there is a barrier between you and the water. Major benefits of Aqua Massage Session include: Alleviating stress and anxiety, relieving muscle soreness, stiffness and tension, and increasing blood circulation to your overall sense of relaxation!


Take a breath with our O2 Bars. Our aromatherapy-infused oxygen will be administered to your nostrils through a personal hose with a crispy fresh breath of air with our water-based, Oxygen safe aromas. Oxygen Aromas are non-toxic all natural solutions. No synthetic preservatives are used! Leave your body feeling refreshed and energized!

Breathing higher concentrations of oxygen has several benefits. The most commonly reported benefits are increased energy, an uplifted refreshed feeling, clearing of the mind, relief of toxic headaches such as the hangover, relief of stress and promotion of higher concentration levels. Oxygen is also a proven detoxifier and has anti-aging properties.O2 bar helps to treat:

  • Sinus Congestion Headaches Bone/Joint Pain
  • Low Energy Jetlag Respiratory Inflammation
  • Hangovers Dizziness Calms your mind
  • Swelling Nausea Stabilizes your nervous system