Being the largest 02 Bar and Aqua Massage retailer in one of the world’s largest tourist destinations, Vitality is well versed in the hotel market. Tourists and locals alike can relax with accessible aquamassage and therapeutic oxygen without having to spend a fortune or feel intimidated by the large spa experience. Inline retail stores or stand alone locations can provide easy access for all types of travelers who want to unwind in a casual and relaxing atmosphere.



Aqua Massage systems have enjoyed phenomenal success in some 280 shopping malls throughout the United States. They attract a steady clientele by providing a memorable experience that remains with customers long after their initial visit. Shoppers and passers-by enjoy the opportunity to unwind and enjoy an invigorating massage while purchasing therapeutic products as gifts or for home-use.  As one of the largest aqua massage retailers in the US, Vitality has become a recognized leader in the industry with enormous potential for growth and expansion in diverse consumer markets.



Today’s fast-paced lifestyle creates the need for an alternative answer for stress relief and relaxation. Most of us are far too busy to treat ourselves to a long vacation or a trip to the spa. Vitality provides the perfect solution. We offer a convenient and effortless, fully-dressed, 10 minute massage with no messy oils or lotions. The ultimate experience, Vitality presents an innovative, affordable, and available option for today’s busy consumer. Airport terminals provide the perfect setting for a Vitality location. Passengers waiting for flights constitute a vast potential consumer group. Vitality provides airlines and commuters a healthy, positive experience that turns down time into quality time. The Vitality concept, attractively branded and presented, will soon become an airport standard as familiar as the shoe shine booth or newsstand.


Oxygen Bars offer a quick, relaxing, rejuvenating experience without the need for a large scale spa. Aromatherapy infused oxygen leaves you feeling alert, refreshed, and full of energy and with a general good feeling.



Aquamassage is a quick, convenient way to get a full-body massage. Jets of water are used over a protective plastic barrier to give a relaxing massage without the need to remove any clothing, or apply any lotions or oils. There is no physical touching involved, the entire massage is given by the machine.



The Echo Massager is a small hand-held electronic pulse massager device that allows the controlled use of vibrations to ease sore muscles and release tension in the body.